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PlantFactory Artist 2016

PlantFactory Artist 2016

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Mfr PN: 2768
Our PN: EONN0300551
Manufacturer: E-on Software
Platform(s): Mac & Win

Product Type: Electronic Download
Time to Delivery: Usually ships in 1 business day.

List Price:$199.00

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Quick Overview

Designed for VUE 2014+ Esprit, Studio or Complete users, this special version of PlantFactory integrates seamlessly with your product and represents the prefect combination of functionality and pricing.



Manufacturer Part Number: 2768

PlantFactory 2016 R2 Now Available

The Release of PlantFactory 2016 R2 goes alongside the recently released VUE 2016 R2.

Key new features in PlantFactory 2016 R2 include:

Stylized Meshing Mode: The new Stylized Meshing mode enables you to quickly and automatically generate a low polygon envelope version of vegetation models and export models with a small polygon footprint while retaining the actual vegetation visual volume. Additionally, envelope resolution, smoothing, and convexity quality is user configurable and can range from none to ultra-sharp edged meshes to ultra-smooth. Stylized Meshing mode can also be used creatively to produce non-photorealistic vegetation.

3-Axis Billboard Leaves Rotation: Using Billboard leaves is ideal when working for Real-Time engines, or, in an offline workflow, to create low polygon plants to be seen from a distance. (Billboard leaves are perfect for VUE EcoSystem populations for instance). Quick and easy to set up, this new feature is perfect to avoid any obvious linear visual pattern, by letting you add slight randomization to leaves axis rotation.


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