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Experience a New Workflow


Versatile NVMe™ SSD mag powers the ultimate modular SSD ecosystem


Innovative Modular SSD Ecosystem

Tap into the exceptionally versatile SSD ecosystem powered by the ultra-interchangeable PRO-BLADE SSD Mag that empowers you to upgrade your workflow.


Scale as Much as You Need

The PRO-BLADE modular SSD ecosystem enables you to scale up and transport as many terabytes as you need without dealing with bulky gear.


Seamless Portability with the PRO-BLADE TRANSPORT

Pair with the portable PRO-BLADE TRANSPORT enclosure for super-fast transfer speeds up to 2000MB/s and seamless storage access when swapping mags on the go.


Scale Upward  with PRO-BLADE STATION

Stack up to 16TB1 of capacity total when you load four PRO-BLADE SSD Mag devices into the PRO-BLADE STATION desktop enclosure for simultaneous offloading at incredible speeds up to 3000MB/s2.


Amplify Your Carrying Capacity

Carry more capacity with less bulk when you pack multiple ultra-compact PRO-BLADE SSD Mag devices to load into the PRO-BLADE TRANSPORT or PRO-BLADE STATION.


Encased in Aluminum

Each PRO-BLADE SSD Mag is encased in a cool aluminum exterior to help sustain super-fast speeds during heavier usage.


Ready to Go with Mac

Connect to macOS right out of the box in APFS format, or reformat for compatibility with Windows®.  

109.8mm x 28mm x 7.5mm


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