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RE-100 Cradle Series Card (Dual SDI)

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RE-100 Cradle Series Card (Dual SDI)
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A Free Mixture of 4/16/32 Channel

The Kiloview Cradle Series include 1RU or 3RU rack-mounted frame, freely mixed with 4 channels (1RU),16 channels/32 channels (3RU) codec modules. It comes with redundant power modules, centralized heat dissipation, ensuring longtime stable operation, and benefits your IP video deployments of any size and complexity.


High Density

You may need to use multiple devices in a workflow, and sources may change over time or from day-to-day. With Cradle, you can design 4 encoder and decoder modules in a 1RU chassis, 16x or even 32x in a 3RU chassis to make them work perfectly in your environment.


All inserted encoding and decoding module support SDI/HDMI+3.5mm audio, and the decoding module supports HD or 4K video output.


High Flexibility

SDI? HDMI? All in, all out


No matter what video sources you have, SDI or HDMI, the Cradle is your ideal choice. 1RU/3RU is compatible with SDI and HDMI of both input and output; freely insert encoding and decoding modules in a chassis.


Cradle supports the most IP media protocols like SRT/RTMP/RTSP/UDP/HTTP/HLS and benefits NDI® HX version optional. So, a Cradle can be applied to many business scenarios.


High Reliability

Cradle is equipped with redundant power as standard, effectively preventing power failure. At the same time, dual cooling fans give Cradle Intelligent temperature control for automatic heat dissipation, ensuring stable and 24h continuous operating. For convenient use, Cradle offers power indicator light and operation indicator light to monitor working status.

Numerous Protocols Covered

All codec modules support SRT, RTMP, RTSP, UDP, HTTP, HLS and other protocols, and you can also choose to customize NDI|HX function.

Easy to use

Cradle adopts a plug-in card structure to make sure card installation and replacement as easy as possible. You are free to mix and insert encoding and decoding modules with flexible application and replacement.

Production with Creative Features

Cradle Series support 3.5mm audio input, H.264 encoding, image and text overlay, video cropping, NAS network storage and other professional functions.

Applicable frameRU01, RU03, RU03SRU03SRU01, RU03, RU03SRU01, RU03, RU03SRU03SRU01, RU03, RU03S
Analog audio port1*3.5mm/1*3.5mm1*3.5mm/1*3.5mm
NDI|HX/NDI|HX 1.0 and 2.0
Video encodingH264/AVC, Motion-JPEG
ResolutionUp to 1080P60Hz
Audio encodingAAC/G.711
Network1*100M RJ45 Ethernet
Image and text overlayUser-defined text and image overlay
Video rotation and croppingSupport
Management PortalWeb UI and remote management with KILOVIEW KiloLink Server


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