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In addition to all the great features found in the existing Allura SketchUp renderer, Allura Plus includes Advanced Material Editing and Animation capabilities.
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Allura – Easy SketchUp Rendering powered by NVIDIA Iray+

Allura is one of the easiest SketchUp rendering solutions available. You will produce high quality 3D renderings in less time.

  • Easy to learn, so you will be creating your first renderings in less than an hour
  • Create fast photorealistic images, since it uses both your NVIDIA video card and computer processor
  • Quick one click presets to save you time
  • Animation – You can simply create animations for your presentations or the web (Plus version)
  • Advanced Material Editor – You can easy customize the materials and even save for later use (Plus version)

Animations – (Plus version) 
Animation is typically a short movie you create to communicate your vision and creativity to your customers. A picture is worth a thousand words, imagine how much clarity you can share with a short, rendered animation.

Why use animations?
Share your design vision and creativity with your clients to confirm requirements or reduce the sale cycle
Highlight your products in short movies on the web
Use for customer or employee training
Present your capabilities at trade shows

What can you create?

  • Fly over your design
  • Walk through your room design
  • Orbit around your new exhibit booth design

How simple is it?

  • Create your scenes and sequence them in SketchUp
  • Setup your lighting and materials (you probably already have this from your base renderings)
  • Quickly configure animation settings, quality, frame size, frame rate and more
  • Render your animation
  • Save to your favorite video format for the web, computer or other common formats (.avi, .mp4, .webm, or .ogv)
  • Present to your customers

Your SketchUp materials will automatically work with Allura. Allura gets the color, texture, transparency, etc. directly from SketchUp.

Then you add special rendering properties, such as reflection, or refraction by selecting one of our Material Presets. Each of the Presets selects a base material type, and presets values for a good rendering of the material. You can then change the amount of reflection, Sharpness, or Index of Refraction to find tune the materials.

Advanced Material Editor (Plus version)

  • You can now take one of the base Allura materials or a material in your model and fine tune it to the exact color, opacity and many other fine tuning options to get the exact material you want to share with your customers
  • You can save this new material and reuse it in other 3D designs

Allura for SketchUp – Powered by NVIDIA Iray®
A new GPU based renderer which utilizes the power of you NVIDIA video card to create faster renderings.. – is the latest, GPU based rendering engine for SketchUp. Using your video board GPU lets us achieve amazing rendering speeds, a high quality rendering image and a satisfying rendering experience.

NVIDIA Iray is a physically based 3D renderer which uses the power of your GPU
Graphics Processor to perform the rendering. Iray is physically based in that it relies on computing light paths. Quite simply, most of the pretty settings are automatic: E.g., Indirect illumination, color bleeding, reflections, refractions, soft shadows, blurry reflections, reflective and refractive caustics, volume scattering, etc. You just assign materials, add lights, and click render. All the rest pretty much takes care of itself.

Permanent Licenses
A Permanent License can be used with the current version indefinitely.  It includes the first 12 months or the Maintenance Agreement for updates and support.  After 12 months you can renew the License and Maintenance Agreement 12 months at a time.  (If you do not renew the Maintenance Agreement you can continue to use the current version but cannot download new updates of new versions of the software.)

Version Updates
When you purchase a Render Plus product, you receive all new versions which are released within 12 months of your purchase.  If you want to use new versions released more than 12 months after your purchase, you will need to purchase an renewal to use the new version and all Updates for the next 12 months.

Allura Plus
Includes all of Allura with additional features, such as, animation and rendering (leverages NVIDIA video cards) Allura Plus has everything in Allura with additional features, such as, animation and an advanced material editor, while still leveraging your NVIDIA video card to speed rendering

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