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Scorpion Gels (Rosco)

Scorpion Gels (Rosco)

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Mfr PN: 1201-001-01
Our PN: BLIN9200007
Manufacturer: Blind Spot Gear
Platform(s): Mac & Win

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Rosco Selection Gel Set



Manufacturer Part Number: 1201-001-01

Since its introduction in 1970, Cinegel has continually developed and grown to meet the working needs of professionals working behind the camera.

Cinegel #3202 Full Blue (CTB)
Standerd Tungsten to Daylight correction For converting 3200K sources to nominal daylight(Mired Shift -131%). (TRANS. = 36%)

Cinegel #3204: Half Blue (1/2 CTB)
Boosts 3200K sources to 4100K. A partial conversion to compensate for varying daylight conditions and voltage reduction, or to boost ageing HMI lamps and yellowed soft lights. (Mired Shift -68). (TRANS. = 52%)

Cinegel #3407: Roscosun (CTO)
Converts 5500K daylight to 2900K. Preferred either for a warmer look or when daylight is over 6000K. Optically clear. (Mired Shift +167) (TRANS. = 47%)

Cinegel #3408: Roscosun (1/2 CTO)
Converts 5500K daylight to 3800K. Used when partial correction is desired or when daylight is below 4500K. Optically clear. (Mired Shift +81) (TRANS. = 73%)

Cinegel #3008: Tough Frost
A medium diffuser that spreads the beam, yet maintains a centre. Tough, heat resistant base.

Cinegel #3009: Light Tough Frost
Similar characteristics to Tough Frost, but less dense.. Tough, heat resistant base.
The color effects lighting filters designed to the personal specifications of eminent cinematographer Vittorio Storaro. Intended for dramatic effect and strong emotional response

Cinegel #2001: Vittorio Storaro Red
Incendiary Red great for fiery stage washes ( Transmision = 12%)

Cinegel #2003: Vittorio Storaro Yellow
Deep yellow with amber tones. Strong, late day sunlight. Flattering on skin. (Transmission = 64%).

Cinegel #2005: Vittorio Storaro Cyan
Rich, Saturated Cyan color. Equals Double #4390 180 Cyan Great for moonlight (Transmission = 18%).

Cinegel #2010: Victorio Storaro Magenta
Crisp and clean magenta with a nice balance of red and blue (Transmission = 28%)


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