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RPM-12 Instant Replay Controller Free Shipping!

RPM-12 Instant Replay Controller

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Mfr PN: SAHN5710002
Our PN: SAHN5710002
Manufacturer: Safe Harbor
Platform(s): Win

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Quick Overview

Instant Replay Controller for TriCaster ProLine and Mini models.



Manufacturer Part Number: SAHN5710002

RPM-12 is a slow-motion replay controller for TriCaster* users, featuring a jog/shuttle dial and 12 special function keys. RPM-12 can be utilized by the TriCaster Operator or a dedicated Replay Operator working as part of the production team. RPM-12 differs from other controllers in that the user has complete control of the replay process without needing to access the TriCaster keyboard, mouse or Control Surface. Replays are set up and executed easily and quickly with one convenient interface, providing reliably consistent results.

RPM-12 key features:

  • Two fully-automated instant replay templates accessible with one-button ease
  • Shuttle Ring offers 7 forward/reverse speeds - 10, 25, 33, 50, 75, 100, 200%
  • Jog Dial offering precise bi-directional frame-by-frame playback control
  • Zoom feature expands video image 200% to focus on the action
  • Transition Delegate controls for automated title behaviors
  • One-button Record Chop instantly adds replay clips to DDR2
  • DDR2 'Tab Follow' functionality with select DDR2 operations
  • Back-lit keys are clean and easy to read in any environment

Standard DDR2 functions included:

  • DDR2 Next and Previous clip selection
  • AUTO transition, respecting selected delegates
  • DDR2 Play, and Stop via shuttle ring or jog dial

Special functionality programmed into RPM-12:

  • RPM Replay buttons auto-configure the DDR, speed, audio, and transition settings for consistent replay results every time! No worries about whether DDR Loop, Single, or Auto features are correctly toggled for a Replay - RPM does it all for you with one easy button press.
  • Frame-by-frame and slow-motion functions program DDR2 so that it can't transition out of replay mode prematurely during footage review. Manual overrides available at any time.
  • One button grabs the replay clip and another initiates a completely automated replay sequence, with animated transitions and slow-motion - what could be simpler!
  • Auto-replay at 50% speed, or HOLD to initiate manual replay speed controls

RPM-12 Hardware Controls Overview

  • REC Chop - Add 5-second instant replay clip to DDR2 (starts REC if not currently recording)
  • RPM Slow - Initiates DDR2 instant replay at 50% speed, transition back to live when complete
  • RPM Hold - Initiates DDR2 instant replay, holding first frame, allowing user playback control
  • ZOOM - Press to expand DDR2 replay video frame 200%, release to return to normal viewing
  • PREV - Selects previous DDR2 clip, opens DDR2 tab to review clips and player settings
  • NEXT - Selects next DDR2 clip, opens DDR2 tab to review clips and player settings
  • AUTO - Transitions delegated sources (BKGD, DSK1, DSK2)
  • PLAY - Plays DDR2 clip from current frame, enables AutoPlay so clip will transition at end
  • BKGD - Set Transition Delegate state to BGKD only
  • DSK1 - Set Transition Delegates to BKGD/DSK1
  • DSK2 - Set Transition Delegates BKGD/DSK
  • DSK1/DSK2 - Set Transition Delegates to BKGD/DSK1/DSK2
  • Shuttle Ring - 7 speed steps forward and reverse, pause at center detent
  • Jog Dial - provides frame-by-frame control forward and reverse

Included Items

  • RPM-12 USB controller with 1.4m cable, Replay Pro Macro software, User Guide
  • One-year replacement warranty on hardware, with free email/phone support


  • TriCaster Mini, 410, 460, 860, or 8000 unit with software Rev. 2-3 or higher
  • Available USB 2.0 or 3.0 port on TriCaster
  • Uses TriCaster Primary Recording channel and DDR2 for replay functions.
  • ZOOM feature uses M/E 4, or M/E 8 on 860 and 8000.
  • NOT compatible with older TriCaster models such as TC40, Studio, 300, 450, 455, 855, etc.

XK-12 Jog & Shuttle


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