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RPS 3D PDF - 2 Seat License

Our PN: RPLN0280040
Manufacturer: Render Plus Systems
Platform(s): Win

Product Type: Electronic Download
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List Price:$160.00

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Quick Overview

RPS 3D PDF - 2 Seat License



The RPS 3D PDF Exporter will take your SketchUp Documents and turn them into 3D PDF files which you can then post on a web page, or send to clients.

It can also be used with Google SketchUp (Pro or free version), by saving a .SKP file and loading it directly into RPS 3D PDF.

RPS 3D PDF Version 2.0
A new version: RPS 3D PDF Version 2.0 has been released.

You can download it from the download area:

This version uses a new method create the PDF background, and now supports a much larger variety of fonts and sizes.

Also, this version allows you to create batch files to automate the creation of 3D PDFs.

Note: If you purchase RPS 3D PDF prior to Jan 1, 2007 you will need to upgrade your license to use the new version.

Also, there is a new 30 day free trial for the new version, so if you have already used up your trial of the previous version, you can download the new version and try it out.

Setup Wizard
The Setup Wizard sets up the size, margins, layouts and other aspects of the final page.

RPS 3D PDF tutorials



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