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SE-650 4 Input HD Digital Video Switcher

Home Production Switchers Datavideo SE-650 4 Input HD Digital Video Switcher
4 input HD video switcher with HD-SDI and HDMI inputs. It comes with a built-in audio mixer
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The Datavideo SE-650 is a small, costeffective, professional HD digital video switcher.

It offers two HD-SDI and two HDMI inputs that support video formats up-to 1080i.

It features two HDMI outputs and a user assignable HD-SDI output.

The SE-650 is the perfect device for small scale video production using professional cameras and HDMI equipment. The SE-650 also features an audio mixer with microphone and unbalanced RCA audio inputs.

Advanced tools include Chromakey, Luma key, PiP, wipe generator, still store and tally.

  • 4 Input HD digital video switcher
  • Inputs: 2 x HD-SDI, 2 x HDMI
  • Outputs: 1 x HD-SDI, 2 x HDMI
  • Any Input can be used as a Frame store (Stills Store)
  • Assignable Outputs: Program (w/ LOGO), Clean Program (w/o LOGO), Clean Preview (w/o LOGO), Multiview
  • Frame Sync on each input
  • Flexible Mix/Effects Processor with 1 Upstream Keyer, supporting Chromakey and Linear/ Luma Key
  • 1 Upstream PIP, supporting Chromakey and Luma Key
  • Wipe Generator: 32 Wipe Patterns, including Circle and Heart - Borders and Softness Control
  • Full M/E Preview function
  • Logo insertion
  • XPT (Cross Point Assignment)
  • Tally Output
  • 6 Channel Audio Mixer
  • Audio inputs: 2 x RCA Analogue (L/R), 2 x Microphone
  • Audio outputs: 2 x RCA Analogue (L/R), 1 x Stereo headphone mini Jack
  • Audio em-bedded function
  • Multi-language support
InterfacesAudio MixerStandardsExtras
Video Inputs2 x HDMI
2 x HD-SDI
Video Outputs2 x HDMI (HDMI 1 is user assignable / HDMI 2 is Multiview)
1 x HD-SDI (User assignable)
Audio Inputs1 x Stereo RCA (L/R)
2 x Mono Microphone
De-embedded Digital Audio (2 CH)
Audio Outputs1 x Stereo RCA (L/R)
1 x Stereo headphone (Mini Jack with volume control)
Embedded Digital Audio (2 CH / Channel 1 and 2)
TallyYes / D-Sub 15 male connector
Software UpdateUSB Port
Audio Fader5 VR (Variable Resistor)
6 Channel (3 Pair) Audio Mixer
Audio LED Meter2 Rows (Left/Right)
Supported Resolutions1080i/50, 1080i/59.94, 1080i/60, 720p/50, 720p/59.94, 720p/60
Internal ProcessingYUV 4:2:2 10-bit
Keyers2 Keyers (2 Chroma Keyers); linear and luma keyer
Upstream Keyers2 (M/E Keyer and PIP)
Chroma Keyers2 High Quality Chroma Keyers; available in Keyer and PIP
PIP1 x PIP with adjustable size, position, and crop. Border with adjustable width and color
Wipes32 Wipe Patterns such as Circle and Heart. Variable border width with Softness control.
StillsAny unused channel can also be used as a still buffer. Stills can be stored internally
Stinger TransitionsYes
  • 1x SE-650 product
  • 1x AD Switch DC 12V with AC Cord
  • 1x Thank You Card


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