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Silhouette Paint + Mocha Pro

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Silhouette Paint + Mocha Pro (Adobe) (Annual Subscription)
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Welcome to Silhouette Paint. The award-winning Silhouette software application is now available as an affordable plug-in for Adobe and OFX editing and effects applications.

Paint. Remove. Touch up. Fix. Silhouette Paint is the industry's first paint and tracking plug-in that brings best-of-breed, 32-bit,high dynamic range paint tools to editing and effects applications. Artists can now access Silhouette’s professional sequence-based paint tools inside their host of choice including: Adobe After Effects and Premiere Pro, Foundry’s NUKE,Blackmagic Resolve, Auto desk Flame, and more. Available on macOS, Windows, and Linux.

Affordable Annual Subscription: Silhouette Paint delivers professional tools at artist level prices.



Silhouette Paint is designed by visual effects artists specifically for film and video post. The plug-in is optimized to bring superior paint capabilities to the industry’s most popular editing and effects host applications.




Paint Tools with pressure-sensitive customizable brushes.Includes Clone, Blemish, Grain, Repair, Drag, Dodge, Burn, and more.

Fast & Non-Destructive Auto Paint: Highly-efficient layer system for large resolution film/video paint. Auto Paint recording system delivers the speed of a raster-based paint system with the flexibility of vector paint.

Powerful Motion Tracking: Features multiple tracking options including integrated Mocha for rock solid planar tracking.

Channels & Detail Separation: Paint on individual RGBA channels or choose to work on separated detail and color views for advanced control.

Cloning and Patching: Advanced clone offset and warping,onion skin, and display views enable a streamlined workflow for aligning patches and removing unwanted pixels.

Detail Separation: Work on separated detail (coarse,medium,& fine) and color for advanced control.

Color Management: Supports Open Color IO for high-end VFX and finishing workflows.


Our paint interface is optimized for film and video and is regularly used in the film industry for matte painting, beauty work, touch ups,marker removal, and more. Paint on individual RGBA channels or choose to work on separated detail (coarse, medium & fine) and color views for advanced control. A large library of keyboard shortcuts speed up repetitive tasks.


Core tools include Color, Clone, Blur, Blemish, Dodge, Burn,Grain, Drag, Mosaic, Repair, and more.

When clean frames do not exist, artists use clone, stamp,and offset techniques to remove unwanted objects. Silhouette Paint’s interface is designed for usability with onion skinning, advanced offset display, and multiple compare mode options to enable sophisticated cloning and clean plating. Clone from the same clip with position, scale, rotate, skew, corner pin, warp, and time offsets or channel another input layer to clone from one clip onto another.


Silhouette Paint is built on a non-destructive Auto Paintstroke recording system and delivers unparalleled performance for interactive,pressure sensitive artistic control — at any resolution. Work on 4K/8K 32-bit float projects with literally hundreds of paint strokes and no performance hits. Every action is recorded as you paint and can be selectively played back with or without tracking data applied.

Paint that sticks. The Silhouette Paint plug-in includes integrated motion tracking and Mocha’s powerful planar tracker for rock solid results. Strokes or groups of layers can each be assigned to their own tracker within one effect, simplifying advanced object removals and clean ups. Track and apply paint to position, scale, rotation, skew, and perspective. Quick Stabilize by layer allows the artist to paint on a locked-down view for an intuitive and fast stabilize/destabilize workflow. The viewer can also be rotated to any angle to compensate for gyrating camera motion.

The pros use Silhouette. Silhouette has been used on the world's most notable films and TV shows by the industry’s most prominent VFX studios.


Recent customer work includes 1917, Avengers: End Game,Missing Link, The Mandalorian, Game of Thrones, and many, many more. The Silhouette team was doubly honored in 2019 with Academy and Emmy Awards for technical engineering achievement and contribution to the film and television industries.

Manual tasks such as roto and paint are often remote islands in the film and TV post-production process. The Silhouette Paint plug-in is the first product to offer a cross-platform, cross-host, color managed workflow.What does this mean? More streamlined workflows! Start a paint session running Silhouette Paint inside Adobe After Effects and then open it inside Premiere Pro, Nuke, Resolve, or Flame — all while maintaining an OCIO or ACES color profile. Paint projects can also be opened in the standalone Silhouette application for more advanced rotoscoping or compositing tasks.


Boris FX Mocha Pro 2020 is here! Mocha is the world’s most recognized and powerful planar tracking tool for VFX and post-production. MochaPro features GPU-accelerated tracking and object removal, advanced masking with edge-snapping, stabilization, lens calibration, 3D camera solver, stereo 360/VR support, and more.


Now available on macOS, Windows, and Linux, and as a plug-in for Adobe Premiere Pro & After Effects, Avid Media Composer & OFX hosts such as Flame, Nuke, Fusion, HitFilm, and VEGAS Pro.



Mocha Pro is the world renowned software for planar tracking, rotoscoping and object removal. Essential to visual effects and post-production workflows, Mocha has been recognized with prestigious Academy and Emmy Awards for contribution to the film and television industry. Mocha Pro has recently been used on global hits including The Mandalorian, Stranger Things, Avengers: Endgame, and many more.


New! Mocha Pro 2021

The next evolution in award-winning planar tracking is here.

•             New! Power Mesh: Groundbreaking sub-planar tracking and warping workflow.

•             New! AdjustTrack 2.0: Correct slipping track errors more easily than ever before.

•             New! Alembic export = More host support & workflows. 

•             New! Python script editor: Now available in the plugin.

•             New! Performance & stability updates: Work even faster.

•             Multi-host and individual plugin options (Adobe, Avid, OFX) or standalone.

•             Available as a new license, annual or monthly subscription, or upgrade.



The next evolution of Mocha. PowerMesh enables a powerful new sub-planar tracking engine for VFX, roto and stabilization. Warped surface tracking and roto that sticks.


Track complex organic surfaces through occlusions and blur using Mocha’s intuitive layer based interface. Simple to use and faster than most optical flow based techniques.


Apply to source files for realistic match moves, convert to AE Nulls to drive motion graphics, render a mesh warped stabilize/reverse stabilize plate for compositing, or export dense tracking data to host applications.



PowerMesh dense tracking data can be exported to Adobe After Effects (via Nulls) or choose the new Alembic universal export to support Foundry NUKE, Autodesk Flame, Blackmagic Fusion and 3D applications like Cinema4D or Maya.



Correcting slipping or drifting tracking errors is easier than ever before with the significantly improved Adjust Track module. Use dynamic offset adjustments to achieve perfect results on the most difficult tracking shots. Watch Now.


Once limited to 4-point perspective fixes, Adjust Track now includes all track parameters to be more effective in editing data — when objects go off-screen, or become occluded by foreground objects.


Adjusted track data can be exported to a wide variety of hosts (see chart) or used internally to drive rotoscoping and advanced tasks such as object removal and image stabilization.


Professional broadcast, post-production, and visual effects companies rely on adaptable tools to fit into custom pipelines and workflows. Use Mocha Pro’s Python Script Editor to create custom tools, batch process layers, or even integrate with asset management tools such as Shotgun or FTrack.


Mocha Pro 2021 adds Python Scripting to the Mocha Pro plugin, creating full feature parity with the Mocha Pro standalone application.



Rock solid planar tracking is at the heart of all Mocha Pro modules and is used to drive tracking, masking, object removal, stabilization, and much more. Unlimited tracking layers and an updated AdjustTrack module helps handle reflections, occlusions, noise, and even areas with motion blur or low details.


New PowerMesh sub-planar tracking features a groundbreaking fast and efficient workflow for digital beauty work and the most difficult “fix it in post” challenges.



Mocha’s masking workflow features planar tracked spline tools to speed up shape creation and reduce manual keyframes.


Magnetic Splines with edge-snapping assistance help create the most detailed mask shapes — without requiring drawing skills.


Don’t paint yourself into a corner. Mocha’s masking tools always remain vector for continuous editing capabilities and speed on high-resolution projects.



Mocha Pro’s integrated plug-in option delivers a fast & efficient workflow using the host’s media engine. Launch Mocha Pro from within your favorite editing and effects hosts.


Plug-in Support:


Adobe After Effects & Premiere Pro, Avid Media Composer, Autodesk Flame, Foundry NUKE, Blackmagic Design Fusion, Vegas Pro, HitFilm, and Silhouette



Remove unwanted elements, wires, rigs, tracking marks, and 360 cameras. Generate clean plates for massive time-savings.


The Remove Module is an amazing alternative to traditional clone and paint techniques for getting rid of unwanted pixels and removing objects. It automatically detects temporal clean frames to blend and align pixels with little user input. It's like Content Aware on steroids!


Fix it in post! The Remove Module is one of the most popular reasons After Effects artists upgrade from the Adobe bundled Mocha AE.



Render accurate match moves and screen inserts with realistic motion blur or mesh warp distortions.


Render graphics onto your tracked screen surface within Mocha Pro or back to your host timeline with new plug-in option. Combines with Lens Module for realistic VFX compositing on lens distorted footage.



Smooth camera motion or pin object motion with the Stabilize Module.


New! Users can choose to stabilize moving objects based on planar tracking or new PowerMesh tracking. Artists can now work on an inverse-warped flattened surface for paint fixes. Original motion is easily propagated back to the original.


For general purpose editing tasks, a smooth option with selectable anchor frames helps reduce high frequency jitters while maintaining original camera motion. Center, scale or crop stabilized footage based on user-driven tracking.



Calibrate, correct and remove lens distortion.


This simple and easy-to-use interface allows users to calibrate the distortion introduced by camera lenses. Unwanted lens distortion can be removed or matched for realistic compositing.


For 360/VR, a simplified Undistort/Distort workflow makes mono or stereo clean-ups on equirectangular footage easy.



Stereo 3D planar tracking, masking, and object removal workflow.


Mocha supports native stereo 3D and 360/VR stereo formats. This unique workflow uses planar tracking analysis on “both eye views” to reduce manual offsets and tedious keyframe work on stereo 3D rotoscoping, tracking, 3D camera solve, and object removal.


Mocha Pro is the ultimate companion for stereo 360° projects in Adobe After Effects & Premiere Pro.



Solve 3D match moving capabilities with planar ease.


Unlike feature based camera tracking, Mocha solves the 3D camera based on user-selected planar data. This fast and easy-to-use solution is ideal for set extensions, 3D text, and particle tracking. Additionally the 3D solver can be used to assist other 3D tracking applications on difficult shots with low detail or significant foreground occlusions.


Export to FBX for Flame and Nuke support or install the free AE 3D Track Import plug-in to paste into an After Effects composition.



Award-winning 360° video tools for tracking and masking, horizon stabilization, Camera and Object Removal, Nadir Patching, and spherical video post.


A native mono and stereo 360° optimized workflow simplifies spherical video post-production challenges: work across seams with less pre-comps, nesting or rendering.




Silhouette Paint

Release Number





macOS: 10.12 or higher


Windows: Windows 7 or higher on x64


Linux: Linux distributions that conform to the CY2016 VFX Reference Platform as specified at




Recommended Hardware:


Processor: Intel or AMD processor


Memory: 2GB of RAM (4GB or more recommended)


Disk: High-speed disk array or SSD storage. 1GB of available disk space for caching and temporary files


Graphics Card:


NVIDIA GTX 460 or better


AMD Radeon 57xx series or better


OpenGL 2.1 capable graphics card


OpenCL 1.1 capable graphic card


1GB of graphics memory for film resolution


Licensing options:


Annual Subscription


Node Locked or floating licenses


For enterprise, floating license and render licenses options, contact us.




Resolution independent

Region of interest for enhanced performance

OpenColorIO color management

Multi-processor support



Adobe After Effects and Adobe Premiere Pro 2020

Foundry Nuke

Blackmagic Resolve and Fusion

Autodesk Flame







Mocha Pro 2021





macOS: X 10.12 - 10.15.16 or higher on Intel


Windows: Windows 7, 8, 8.1 or 10 on x64


Linux: CentOS 7 or a compatible Linux distribution on x86_64




Recommended Hardware:


Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo or equivalent


Memory: 16 GB +


Disk: High-speed disk array or NVMe SSD


Graphics Card: NVIDIA Quadro K4000 or equivalent



Monitor: 19201080 or higher


Network: Must have an enabled network adapter (wifi or ethernet)


Minimal Requirements:


Processor: At least 1-GHz Pentium IV


Disk: At least 1 GB


Memory: At least 1 GB


Graphics card: Must support OpenGL


Monitor: Minimum resolution 1200800 pixels


Licensing options:


Nodelocked or cross-platform, floating license. Purchase options include perpetual, annual and monthly subscriptions.


For enterprise floating and render licenses, contact us.


Mocha Pro 2021 plug-in support:


Adobe After Effects & Premiere Pro CC 2014-2020


Avid Media Composer v8-2020


Boris FX Silhouette, Foundry NUKE, Blackmagic Fusion, VEGAS Pro, HitFilm Pro


Workflow support:


Adobe After Effects & Premiere Pro

Avid Media Composer

Apple Final Cut Pro 7 & Motion

Autodesk Flame, Maya & 3DS MAX

Assimilate Scratch

Blackmagic Fusion & DaVinci Resolve

Boris FX Continuum

Boris FX Sapphire

HitFilm Pro

Magix Vegas Pro

Maxon Cinema 4D

Foundry Nuke


MochaBlend for C4D


For a detailed list of tracking, mask & 3D data exports, view the exports chart.


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