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OnTheAir Node has been designed to be an inexpensive, reliable and customisable video server that has an open client-server architecture. OnTheAir Node can be controlled remotely over the network. One client computer in a control room can control multiple OnTheAir Node playout servers located in the machine room.
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OnTheAir Manager is part of the OnTheAir Node client-server suite of products and is used to prepare the schedules, to preview the clips, check which clips are ready to air, and to take control of multiple OnTheAir Nodes and all this from a single networked workstation.

OnTheAir Manager uses a graphical calendar style interface presenting a unique and never before achieved ease of use for scheduling complex programming of single or multiple channels. If you can use iCal, you'll be able to use OnTheAir Manager.

Scheduling a TV station for 24/7 playout has never been so easy.

Electronic Program Guide.

The Electronic Program Guide (EPG) option allows you to set various information for specific programs. You can then provide your broadcaster with an XML file holding all this information. Your broadcaster will then insert this info to be displayed on the viewer's TVs, providing continuously updated scheduling information for current and upcoming programming. The EPG option can be customised to fit each country's requirements.

Each country has its own requirements for the EPG. Before ordering, contact us to check if your country is supported and/or send us the information about your requirements for your country
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