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SpectraCal VideoForge PRO and SpectraCal C6 HDR2000 Free Shipping!

Our PN: SCLN0330046
Manufacturer: SpectraCal
Platform(s): Win

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Quick Overview

SpectraCal VideoForge PRO and SpectraCal C6 HDR2000


The SpectraCal® C6 HDR2000

The SpectraCal® C6 HDR2000 Colorimeter is one of the most advanced light measurement devices available, providing the accuracy you need for the most demanding calibration. The C6 HDR2000 Colorimeter is field-upgradeable with CalMAN®, meaning that supported display technologies are automatically updated when the device connects with the software. Every C6 HDR2000 Colorimeter sold is first certified in SpectraCal's calibration lab and shipped with a NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) certificate of accuracy.

The C6 HDR2000 is designed and specified to measure luminance accuracy at a range up to 2000 cd/m2.

SpectraCal C6 HDR2000 Key Features

  • Supports all display technologies, including HDR, plasma, LCD LED, front-projection, and OLED
  • Field upgradable for new display technologies and calibration tables
  • Advanced low-light handling
  • Complete spectral characterization technology
  • NIST certified in SpectraCal's calibration lab prior to shipping
  • Luminance accuracy at a range up to 2000 cd/m2
  • Advanced light and color filters
  • Sealed optics and sensors for increased lifespan
  • Off-angle light compensation
  • Built-in ambient light diffuser and tripod mount threading

VideoForge PRO

The VideoForge PRO outputs highly accurate, reference-level 4K HDR video test patterns via HDMI and supports resolutions up to 4096x2160 @ 60 Hz. Dynamically generate any color patch requested by CalMAN® on the fly, including, grayscale, gamut, saturation sweeps, and 3D LUT calibration patches. Contains the very latest HDR and UHDTV technology, including: HDR10, HLG and Dolby Vision. Supports HDCP 2.2, HDMI 2.0(a), UHD, 4K resolutions up to 60p, BT.2020 (RGB output), up to 12-bit deep color.

The VideoForge PRO is compact and lightweight- only twelve ounces! Fits just right in your hand. Accurate, reliable video test patterns for precise color measurements. Includes a rechargeable battery for one less cable during calibration. Completely automated with CalMAN® software for fast pattern generation.


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