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TLM-700 Monitor

Home Displays - LCD Datavideo TLM-700 Monitor
Need a field monitor? Use the TLM-700 7'' LCD Monitor with two CV inputs. 7" TFT LCD monitor with 2 CV inputs. 16:9/4:3 compatible.
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Weve designed the TLM Monitor Series for video professionals that insist on superior performance. Whether you use these monitors in combination with our switchers, in rack systems, in the field, or for in-studio editing, the TLM Monitor Series offers high-quality options for all your applications.

Datavideos TLM-700 7-inch LCD Monitor is an external color field monitor, capable of being used with a portable camera rack system where enhanced monitoring is necessary. The unit comes fully equipped with an added sunshade, making it an ideal solution for both the field and the studio. For added convenience, the monitor automatically detects which standard (NTSC/PAL) it is being fed without having to push a button, flip a switch or access a menu option. The TLM-700 has front panel picture adjustments for color, contrast, tint, and brightness for accurate image control. The control dials are recessed to avoid unintended manipulation. Its a great addition to any on-location or in-studio production.

Composite Video
TLM-700 supports Composite Video Input.

Selectable Aspect Ratio
4:3 and 16:9 are selectable with the TLM-700.

NTSC/PAL Auto-Detect
TLM-700 automatically detects formats between NTSC and PAL.

A Collapsable sunshade is included for easier viewing in bright environments.


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