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TVS-2000A Tracking Virtual Studio System

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TVS-2000A Tracking Virtual Studio System
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5-in-1 Tracking Virtual Studio System: virtual studio, switcher, recorder, CG, streaming

Supports Datavideo PTZ camera as a tracking camera

TVS-2000A is the world’s first true 3D tracking virtual studio that utilize PTZ camera position tracking.


Provides high-end virtual video program.

Supports Tracking and Trackless Virtual Studio simultaneously. 3D tracking virtual studio system using Datavideo PTC camera as tracking camera, setup a tracking virtual studio fast and easy


All 4 virtual cameras have real pan, tilt, zoom movements

Supports Tracking Virtual Studio and Trackless Virtual Studio simultaneously
With 2 channels SDI input, can simulate 4 camera studio operation (Trackless Mode). 

1 channel HDMI AUX input for powerpoint from laptop, or any other live video sources
Supports Mini phone jack audio input, can embed external audio into SDI/HDMI PGM output


80 free virtual sets included

Built-in Virtual Set Wizard and massive amounts of 3D objects. To build your own virtual set within 1 minute without 3DsMax skill needed.


Includes an easy-to-use virtual show controller

RMC-280 control panel included for live virtual show and cameras control.

Come with 10 function keys (F1-F10), can help to set quick animation, change scene or media content. Making production easier


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