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Twin25G Dual Port 25Gb PCIe Card (SFP28s included)

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Boost the efficiency of your postproduction workflow by using the Twin25G Dual 25G SFP28 PCIe Adapter Card from Sonnet to connect to high-speed fiber optic networks. Each of the two SFP28 ports work with the included transceivers to transfer up to 25 Gb/s with compatible devices, which equates to about 187.5GB per minute.

This adapter card installs into an available PCIe 3.0 x8 slot for full functionality, but using an x4 slot enables one port. With link aggregation (aka Teaming) support, both 25G ports may be combined to provide up to 50 Gb/s throughput with compatible devices. Full-height and low-profile brackets are included, allowing for installation in a variety of systems. The Twin25G is designed to work with Windows 10/11, macOS 13 or later, and Linux systems.

Compact Design

The Twin25G is designed to fit onto most desktop spaces.

Nearly Noiseless

Variable-speed fans help to maintain optimal temperatures and performance while producing minimal noise.

Efficient Performance

The Twin25G features a smart controller that maintains a high throughput with minimal host CPU load by using its own internal processing system and onboard memory to accurately handle data transfers.

Backward Compatible

This network adapter works with 10G links, giving you the flexibility to upgrade your network as your needs change.


  • PCIe 3.0 x8 Host Connection
  • 2 x SFP28 Ports
  • Up to 25 Gb/s Throughput
  • Includes SFP28 Transceivers
  • Link Aggregation Support
  • Includes Full & Low-Profile Brackets
  • Works with Windows 10/11, Mac & Linux