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SD/HD web content management
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Web tip is a software application for retrieving, presenting and traversing information resources on the web. An information resource may be a web page , an image, a video, or other piece of content. The software let broadcasters easily and economically take the computer-based content that is quickly becoming a key part of news to air.


  • Add, remove , reorder contents on bin (category) and resource presets of gallery .
  • Preset gallery files for fast and accurate playback and automatic desired position for presentation .
  • Size to fit, auto zoom, zoom in/out, pan, area selection view tool
  • Projects and presets can be saved and retrieved at will.
  • User interface elements: address bar , back and forward buttons , refresh or reload button
  • Online button to reload resource preset .
  • Support of browser extensions that expand the functionality of a web browser
  • Configurable presenter screen and interface.
  • Broadcast quality SD / HD with different settings for output (and different interface for work)
  • Touch screen use suggested
  • Easy Installation and training
  • Graphic and Pdf files advanced support. (option)
  • Movie advanced support. (option)
  • Can be used as plugin for third parties softwares, ie.Skype. (option)
  • Remote control Unlimitek Miniplayer. (option)
  • Remote control Blackmagic Atem video mixer. (option)



  • Minimum system requirements: 32 or 64bit OS, Pentium Dual Core and above, 4GB system memory, 300MB available hard drive space
  • Operating Systems: Microsoft Windows 7 SP1
  • Output. Scan converter on secondary output or production Switchers with HDMI / DVI (ie. ATEM, DATAVIDEO, SONY, GRASS VALLEY etc )