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VEGAS Post 20

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Video post production for creators
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VEGAS Post gives you everything you need for video editing, motion graphics, image composition, live streaming and sound design.

Video editing with VEGAS Pro

At the heart of VEGAS Post is video editing with VEGAS Pro. Launch clips from your timeline into VEGAS Effects for compositing or export single frames directly to VEGAS Image for editing. Produce perfect audio using SOUND FORGE Audio Studio and instantly bring all your work back into VEGAS Pro to finalize your project.


Edit & deliver industry-leading formats up to 8K with GPU acceleration.

Captivate audiences with cinematic filters, effects, transitions and titles.

Access unlimited royalty-free stock content, cloud services and more with a VEGAS 365 subscription.

HDR color science

Transform RAW high dynamic range footage into incredible scenes.


Log color correction & grading

Range limited color wheels

RGB color curves

White & black point correction

HDR video scopes

HDR10 & HLG in ACES 1.2 color space


ActionVFX free one-month Starter Subscription

Make it rain or snow, blow things up or burn them down. You get ActionVFX free one-month Starter Subscription to download five credits among thousands of VFX assets.


Motion graphics with VEGAS Effects


Create photorealistic or fantasy scenes with multi-layer compositing and keyframe animation in VEGAS Effects. Work directly with clips from your VEGAS Pro timeline for a seamless round trip.


Over 800 visual effects and presets to enhance your production.

Create eye-popping, fluid motion interactions easily with behaviors.

Use advanced particle generators, texts & titling, 3D models in realistic 3D environment, lenses and more.

Proxy media & timeline cache

Transcode high-data-rate media for smooth performance as well as timeline cache for real-time playback.


BRAW support

Work with Blackmagic RAW media files for lossless quality with high dynamic range.


Image compositing with VEGAS Image

Create striking compositions with unlimited layers, automatic keying and zero baked-in changes. VEGAS Image keeps your image data RAW and your layers self-contained.


Take snapshots directly from VEGAS Pro or from image files, even in RAW.

Work in an independent resolution for large format movie posters.

Effortlessly create eye-catching thumbnails or beautiful cover art for your video productions.

Live streaming with VEGAS Stream

Reach, engage and grow your audience with live events and broadcast to popular platforms with VEGAS Stream.


Take your live production from a simple webcam to multiple cameras, video play-ins, dynamic graphics and more.

Switch between cameras and remote presenters.

Broadcast to the most popular conferencing apps and streaming services.

Edit your event and upload to your favorite destinations.


Audio production with SOUND FORGE Audio Studio

With high-level tools, match the quality of your audio with the quality of your video. Use multiple channels to record voiceovers, sound design, podcasts, and more at pristine quality with less background noise. Integrate it all seamlessly in your VEGAS Pro project.


Are you missing these features?

Upgrade highlights at glance

Upgrade from VEGAS 19, 18, 17 or an older version and get:


VEGAS Pro 20 highlights:


Hue Adjustment curves

Automatic project collections

Audio production with VST3

Optical flow motion tools

Continuous development

VEGAS Pro 19 highlights:


Range-limited Color wheels

White and black point adjustment

ProRes, BRAW

Modern adjustable transitions (GL, Bézier curves)

VEGAS Pro 18 highlights:


VEGAS Capture

Video noise reduction

Vectorscope skin tone line

Accurate logarithmic exposure control

Color Grading panel enhancements


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