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VitaScene V3 PRO Upgrade (from V2 PRO)

VitaScene V3 PRO Upgrade (from V2 PRO)

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Our PN: PDDN0290019
Manufacturer: ProDad
Platform(s): Win

Product Type: Electronic Download
Time to Delivery: After 3PM CST electronic products may not be invoiced until next business day Please allow up to 24 hours for delivery.

List Price:$199.00

You Save: $10.00 (5%)


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Quick Overview

Upgrade from V2 PRO



Vitascene V3 PRO offers a large collection of high end transitions and video filter effects in professional broadcast quality which may also be configured and fine-tuned individually. Vitascene V3 is equally suited for documentary work, scenic productions, product presentations as well as sophisticated wedding film productions.

Vitascene V3 PRO includes around 700 effects ready to use effects for almost every purpose including stunning movie effects, fascinating light rays, glamorous glow, glimmer and glitter effects and so much more available as transition effects and video filters for your video material, texts and graphics.

Vitascene V3 offers the perfect effect for almost any type of usage. Filters allow controlling the type, amount and desired direction of light within your scene. This way you can highlight objects, add reflections or even flood your scene with gleaming light. Coloring your scene and adapting brightness levels will support a more romantic or dynamic look. Highlight details of your scene applying the spotlight filter. Effects can be controlled and timed precisely applying key frames if you wish to do so.

Video filters also work great on texts, logos and graphics with beautiful results easily done with just a few mouse clicks without any programming skills or efforts.

Present your images styled as a watercolor painting, graphite drawing or as a 3D look.

Put your material into a different perspective and apply the tilt shift effect to transform your images into a miniature world.

Highly efficient video filters will optimize older or not so perfect recordings regarding contrast, brightness, sharpness and color all adjusted automatically with just a mouse click in no time at all.

Supporting the widest range of modern hardware Vitascene V3 is faster and more powerful than any previous version - including 10 bit support! This makes applying effects fun, no matter if you are working with editing solutions by Magix, Grass Valley, Corel, Avid, Adobe or CyperLink. (Please find details concerning the respective NLEs below.)


  • Easy handling
  • Highly customizable
  • Easily controllable by keyframes
  • Supporting up to UHD/4K 10bit
  • Around 700 video filters and transition effects
  • Gleaming, glowing and reflections
  • Impressive light rays, controlling light sources
  • Also suited for texts, graphics and logos
  • Optimizing of contrasts and focus
  • Optimizing of color and brightnes
  • Ideally suited for a large number of editing solutions
  • Stunning performance by comprehensive support of advanced hardware resources


VitaScene V3 PROVitaScene V3 LE
Number of EffectsAround 700Over 100
Detail setting for effectsYesNo
Key framesYesYes
Pinnacle Studio PluginYesNo
Magix VDL PluginYesNo
Adobe PluginYesYes
Vegas PRO PluginYesYes
Avid PluginYesYes
Corel PluginYesYes
Grass Valley EDIUS PluginYesYes


  • Windows 64-Bit Vista, Win7, Win8, Win8.1, Win10, 2GB-memory, recommended: i7-cpu, 6 GB memory


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