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VoluMedic CE

Mfr PN: US-VPCE-492
Our PN: MSGN0280015
Manufacturer: VoluMedic-OG
Platform(s): Win

Product Type: Electronic Download
Time to Delivery: After 3PM CST electronic products may not be invoiced until next business day. Please allow up to 24 hours for delivery.



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Quick Overview

NEW! VoluMedic Creative Edition, a lower cost version of the award winning VoluMedic 3.5 that is aimed at the creative, visual effects and visualization markets. "This version of VoluMedic will give users the most outstanding features of VoluMedic, at an unprecedented price", said Wolfgang Rauter, CEO of VoluMedic OG.



Manufacturer Part Number: US-VPCE-492

In contrast to many lower cost versions, VoluMedic CE does not limit the artists creativity in any way. In fact it offers more flexibility to the artist than any previous version of VoluMedic.

Like VoluMedic 3.5, VoluMedic CE features a new volume object type with a new user interface. This object type was specifically created with the needs of artists in mind, but is also included in version 3.5. The new object type allows users of VoluMedic 3.5 and CE to use all types of textures provided by LightWave including image maps and procedurals. A new VoluMedic procedural texture allows mapping volume data like any other texture and use it anywhere in LightWave, not just in VoluMedic.

Users of LightWave 11 can also use the new Nodal Procedural for even more complex effects. Thanks to this VoluMedic is no longer limited to simply creating objects from volume data, allowing it to be used for an even larger variety of effects, from procedural clouds to perfectly smooth logos, everything is possible and fully animatable.

VoluMedic CE also includes a feature limited version of the Standard Object type familiar to users of VoluMedic 3.5, which they can be used for volume painting (sculpting), the creation of Masks and geometry to volume to geometry conversions.


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