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WirelessCable (Add-On Unit)

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WirelessCable for extending IP Communications up to 400m (Add-On Unit)
PTZ Optics
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Plug and Play Wireless Networking for NDI®


Designed to provide 300 Mbps of low latency data transfer ideal for video production with the NewTek® NDI®.

Wireless Cables are professional grade WAPS (Wireless Access Points), not just links, meaning any standard wireless IP or NDI device can seamlessly connect.


Designed for flexible live streaming and video production environments. The PTZOptics Wireless Cable is a 400 Meter (1,300 feet) wireless Ethernet solution with daisy-chaining capabilities which can provide increased distances of up to 1,600 meters or 5,249 feet. This low latency wireless solution can be paired with any device that utilizes a LAN connection and can provide up to 300 Megabits of wireless transmission bandwidth. With a paired Station & Access Point, you can connect any device to your network wirelessly.

WirelessCable for extending IP Communications up to 400m (Add-On Unit)


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