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WirelessCable Pre-Paired Kit (2 Units)

Home Cables PTZ Optics WirelessCable Pre-Paired Kit (2 Units)
WirelessCable Pre-Paired Kit for extending IP Communications up to 400m (2 Units)
PTZ Optics
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Wireless IP Video System

Live video production extended wirelessly up to 400 meters(1,300 feet) & up to one mile in daisy-chain mode!

Plug and Play Wireless Networking for NDI®

 Designed to provide300 Mbps of low latency data transfer ideal for video production with theNewTek® NDI®.

WirelessCables are professional grade WAPS (Wireless AccessPoints), not just links, meaning any standard wireless IP or NDI device canseamlessly connect.


Set up is a breeze!

In just 3 minutes, see how easy it is to setup aWirelessCable with your video production workflow.

Broadcast Quality Made Affordable

Designed for flexible live streaming and video productionenvironments. The PTZOptics Wireless Cable is a 400 Meter (1,300 feet) wirelessEthernet solution with daisy-chaining capabilities which can provide increaseddistances of up to 1,600 meters or 5,249 feet. This low latency wirelesssolution can be paired with any device that utilizes a LAN connection and canprovide up to 300 Megabits of wireless transmission bandwidth. With a pairedStation & Access Point, you can connect any device to your network wirelessly.Please reference our advanced setup video in the description below, for moreinformation about a daisy-chain setup.

·       High Bandwidth

·       1 Year Warranty

·       Add new cameras

·       Power Supply Included

·       NewTek NDI ready

·       IP Management

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