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Xpander Rackmount 16 4U Gen3 Free Shipping!

Xpander Rackmount 16 4U Gen3

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Mfr PN: XPRMG3-1624U
Our PN: CUBN5300078
Manufacturer: Cubix
Platform(s): Mac & Win

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List Price:$9,399.00

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Quick Overview

Xpander Rackmount 16 Gen3; 19", 4U raclkmount PCIe slot expansion unit featuring 16x PCIe Gen3 x8 expansion slots (2x 8-slot MIBs),2x 1500W power supplies, 2x 2m data transfer cables and 2x PCIe Gen3 x8 HICs. Mounting hardware included.



Manufacturer Part Number: XPRMG3-1624U

Xpander Rack Mount 16 4U is a rack mount PCI Express (PCIe) expansion enclosure that enables connection of 16 single-wide PCIe Solid-State Drives (SSDs) to a host computer. The PCIe SSDs can be either half-height (HH) or full-height (FH). The host computer(s) must have at least two PCIe x16 slots available for each host interface controller (HIC).

Rack Mount 16 provides two Main Interface Boards (MIBs) connected to each of one or two host computers with a PCIe x16 cable and eight PCIe x8 slots for a total of 16 x single-wide PCIe SSDs such as Intel DC P3600 Series or Seagate Nytro XP3600 Series. Each MIB connects via a PCIe x16 cable to a HIC in a host computer. Connect each MIB to one of two HICs in one host or each MIB to a HIC in each of two host computers. Each MIB inside Rack Mount 8 connects to one host computer.

One host computer can support both MIBs inside the Rack Mount 8 enclosure if the host has two available PCIe x16 slots. Rack Mount 16 also supports other PCIe adapters with multiple Input / Output (IO) ports such as FireWire, USB 3.0 or high-definition (HD) audio.

Xpander Rackmount 16 includes four cooling fans, two 1,500W power supplies and two power cords as well as two Main Interface Boards (MIBs), two PCIe x16 HICs and two external PCIe x16 cables. It does not include installation media because installation requires no driver or other software. The only drivers you install are for the devices you install in Xpander.

Quick Start without Detail
Install a PCIe SSD in the host system and install device drivers. Once you have verified operation, shut down, move the PCIe SSD to Xpander, install the HIC in the same slot within the host computer, connect GPU-Xpander to the HIC using the cable provided and connect power to Xpander Rackmount 16. Boot the host computer. If the host operating system (OS) is plug-n-play, the OS detects the GPUs and loads device drivers.


Expansion slots

PCI Express Generation 3.0 x8

Number of slots (std)

8 slots in each of 2 MIBs for a total of 16 slots


PCIe Gen 3 x16


PCIe Gen 3 x8

Form factor support

16 full-height, full-length PCIe SSDs in 2 MIBs

Connecting cable

External PCI Express cable

Connector type

x16, 136-pin

Length, standard

2.00meters (78.7inches or 6.6feet) total length

1.16meters (45.6inches or 3.8feet) usable length

Connector duty cycle

250 mating cycles maximum per connector

PCIe x16 HIC

Install in a PCIe x16 slot of the host computer

PCIe Gen 3 slot

Provides a theoretical 128.0Gbps data transfer rate

Front panel LCD

MIB select = left button Main menu = center button Sub-menu = right button (See detail on page 9.)

Cubix Corporation

MIB assembly and revision; management firmware revision

Power supply status

Standard main power; optional redundant power

Temperature status

3 sensor readouts in degrees Centigrade (C)

Fan status

Fan status, voltage percent (%) speed

PCIe link status

x16 cable connected; 8.0Gbps, 5.0Gbps or 2.5Gbps x16 link speed

x16 cable

Connected or not connected status

Slot 1 - 4 x16 transfer rate, theoretical

PCIe Gen 3.0Gbps x16 = 128.0Gbps PCIe Gen 25.0Gbps x16 = 80.0Gbps PCIe Gen 12.5Gpbs x16 = 40.0Gbps

LCD panel backlight

Toggle on / off using right button

Rear panel

Power input receptacles

Adapter ports

If available, on installed controllers or adapters

Receptacle 1, right

Controls MIB 1, facing Rack Mount 8 rear (see next page)

Receptacle 2, left

Controls MIB 2, facing Rack Mount 8 rear (see next page)

Cooling fans

4 fans run at 112cfm (cubic feet per minute) maximum

Xpander power up

Fans are full on for 10s (seconds)

Fan speed, minimum

25C degrees

Fan speed, maximum

50C degrees

Fan speed, in range

25C degrees to 50C degrees in gradual, linear progression

Normal operation

D1 LED = 1 pulse of 10ms (millisecond) on for every 700ms off

Error indication

D1 LED = 4 pulses of 10ms on for every 700ms off

Error conditions

[1] No fan tachometer or [2] no temperature sensor connected

AC power supply, 2 MIBs

2 x single-phase, auto-ranging, 100-240VAC, 12.5-6.0Amps, 50/60Hz; total output power for each is not to exceed 1,500Watts each

Auxiliary power cable support

Standard: 8 x sets of 6-pin + 8-pin (6P + 8P)

Optional: 8 x sets of 8-pin + 8-pin (8P + 8P); specify at time of order

Operating environment

0 to 30 Celsius (32 to 86 Fahrenheit) temperature

5% to 80% non-condensing humidity




10,000ft (3,050meters)


50,000ft (15,240meters)


7.00in H x 19.00in W x 28.75in D (17.78cm H x 48.26cm W x 73.02cm D)


52.00lbs (24.50kg)

Warranty / period

Parts and labor return to manufacturer / 2 year

Ext. warranty period

Optional 3 years


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