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XPoint 48 v2

48 Four-way buttons for stand alone operation or modular integration with eg. the Air Fly Pro or PTZ Pro controllers.
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XPoint Series - Connects magnetically and electrically!
With XPoint 24 and XPoint 48 you'll get the perfect modular controller, that almost magically connects with other SKAARHOJ panels and creates the ideal setup for your gear.


  • 36 Programmable four-way buttons with OLED legends
  • 12 Programmable four-way buttons
  • 24 RGB multilevel metering LEDs
  • Ethernet with PoE (IEEE802.3af)
  • UniSketch OS


  • MOD - Equips your controller with modular connectors on both sides, so it can act as a SKAARHOJ master og slave module


  • XPoint 24 or XPoint 48
  • 12V power supply
  • USB programming cable
  • Networking cable
  • UniSketch OS
  • Manuals and Software
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